Once, Twice, Three Times a Champion - Wrestling with the Champ

Episode 5

Published on:

26th Jul 2020

Once, Twice, Three Times a Champion

34 titles won, 34 opponents destroyed. Hear from Snake, Man O' Few Words and Mr. Nice Guy as the Champ discusses his early PWF success



Mick Tully, Max Cavenham, Andrew Wilson, Ant McGinley and Damien St John


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About the Podcast

Wrestling with the Champ
Comedy and wrestling collide in this hilarious podcast
A scripted wrestling comedy in a podcast hosted by Damien St John (himself) and featuring the 34-time Pub Wrestling Federation champion the Ginger Ninja (Ant McGinley).

Each episode features current and former wrestlers, managers, mentors, lovers and enemies who all share stories from their time in the squared-circle with the Champ.

Brace yourself for the funniest ride in wrestling.