Où Est le Champ? - Wrestling with the Champ

Episode 8

Published on:

5th Sep 2020

Où Est le Champ?

The new PWF champion has been missing for months. Damien follows up on a lead in the hope he can track down the reclusive wrestling legend.



Alex Boardman, Ant McGinley and Damien St John.


Music credits:

Beyond Part 2 by Alexander Nakarada

Le Baguette by Alexander Nakarada

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Wrestling with the Champ
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A scripted wrestling comedy in a podcast hosted by Damien St John (himself) and featuring the 34-time Pub Wrestling Federation champion the Ginger Ninja (Ant McGinley).

Each episode features current and former wrestlers, managers, mentors, lovers and enemies who all share stories from their time in the squared-circle with the Champ.

Brace yourself for the funniest ride in wrestling.